Bunmi Schools Warri was established in 1995. At Bunmi Schools, we have great expectations of our children and we encourage them to reach their full potential. We do not discriminate or look down on any child because we know that every child is unique in his/her own way and has a unique quality that should be developed.

We have a team of dedicated and hardworking staff who are born and trained nurturers. They provide a safe, and calm learning environment for learners.

We have great aspirations for all our children that they reach their full potentials, and after they leave school,  become productive members of the society.


At Bunmi Schools, we aim to lay a good quality educational, and moral foundation for the growing child, which will give him/her confidence, pride and great self esteem that will outshine all distinctions of race, class, or color. We also wish to bring out, not just good learners, but great leaders who would give back to their community.


Bunmi Schools envisions to mould future generations of enlightened mind.


Our mission at Bunmi Schools is to create a child friendly environment where the teachers are equipped to bring out the best in your child


Our academic prowess speaks for itself by the quality of graduates produced, who are doing very well for themselves. We have produced great doctors, engineers, bankers, teachers, business men, lawyers, actors and leaders, all shining in their different fields

Below, are some of our great achievements through the years;

  • We were recognized by the Ministry of Education, as one of the best schools in Warri South Local Government.

  • We came 2nd position in a debate competition organized by Omawumi Foundation in 2010 and were awarded a laptop.

  • We participated in a Singing Competition organized by Scripture Union in 2012, came out 1st, was awarded a giant wall clock.

  • We took part in SEPLAT competition in Asaba(2016,2017,2018,2019) and the learners were awarded with school bags, stationery, cash, etc..

  • Participated in a singing competition in 2017, we came out 1st and were awarded a trophy.

  • We also shine  in sports, especially in football, chess and basket ball and we came first in the SOFSON Interschool Sports Competition held in March, 2020


For all round development of the child, we also engage in some extra curricular activities, like career day, sunglasses day, costume day, Fruit day,etc. and we offer special tutors for Chess, Scrabble, Elocution, Ballet, Scout, skill acquisition etc. We also engage them in inter-school competitions as regards these activities.



Bunmi Schools is a multicultural environment, with representatives from various parts of the country. We have school events like Cultural Day to teach our children to appreciate and embrace each other’s unique diverse culture and expose them to the beauty of unity in diversity.


“Intellectual growth should commence at birth and cease only at death.”

Albert Einstein.

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